Sedation Dentistry in Richmond Hill, Ontario

For patients who are extremely nervous or have a dental phobia, TS Dental offers comprehensive dental sedation to make you comfortable and relaxed during your procedure.

Our sedation methods are tailored to your specific needs and include:

Oral conscious sedation - this form of sedation is ideal for patients who are extremely stressed or who need multiple procedures during their visit. Oral conscious sedation requires the patient to take an oral sedative before their appointment so by the time they arrive they'll be fully relaxed.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is also given to increase the relaxation effects. The dentist will closely monitor your vital signs and ensure you're completely comfortable during your procedure. Nitrous oxide is given to the patient via gas mask to create a euphoric effect. Nitrous oxide is highly effective at minimizing pain and discomfort and enhancing relaxation.

IV Conscious Sedation - this sedation can be used to induce a conscious or unconscious state during your procedure. This form of sedition creates a twilight-like state where the patient is fully relaxed and peaceful. All pain and discomfort are minimized. You'll be able to respond to the dentist’s verbal cues; however, you may not remember all aspects of your procedure. Because the sedative effects take time to wear off, you will need someone whom you trust to drive you home following your appointment. To find out more about our sedation methods, contact our dentist in Richmond Hill to schedule an appointment.