Dentures in Richmond Hill, Ontario

If you suffer from missing teeth, you probably know the problems it can cause, such as impacting your speaking and chewing abilities. Missing teeth can also weaken remaining teeth and cause further jaw bone demineralization. However, the perhaps the biggest negative consequence of missing is that it takes away from your smile’s beauty, making you feel less confident about yourself.

One of the most effective ways to replace missing teeth and enhance your smile's appearance is with dentures. Modern dentures fit better, look more natural, and last longer than older models. Professionally-made dentures are customized to your mouth and are fairly easy to maintain. If you are looking for an effective and attractive way to restore your smile, dentures are a great tooth replacement option.

                           Dentures in Richmond Hill, Ontario  Dentures in Richmond Hill

Depending on your tooth replacement needs, we offer a variety of denture options:

  • Partial dentures are used if you are only missing a few teeth.
  • Complete dentures are needed if you are missing all of your natural teeth.
  • Complete dentures are fitted after your remaining teeth have been removed and your gum tissues have fully healed.
  • Immediate dentures are placed right after your teeth are extracted. This allows you to have a set of teeth while your gums are healing.
  • Over dentures/Implant-retained dentures which are anchored in placed by a small number of implants in your jawbone. Compared to regular dentures, over dentures/implant-retrained dentures provide better stability and fit when speaking and chewing.

The skilled team at TS Dental will work with you to choose the best denture option for your tooth replacement needs. If you are serious about restoring your smile, contact our practice in Richmond Hill to set up a consultation.

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