Orthodontics & Orthopedics in Richmond Hill, Ontario

For teeth that are crooked, overcrowded or are not developing properly, TS Dental offers comprehensive orthodontic treatments for you and your children. Usually, the first step of orthodontic treatment involves orthopedics, which involves using retainers and other short-term removable appliances that aim to correct and promote healthy teeth and jawbone development. Orthopedics prevents negative outcomes, such as tooth overcrowding and crooked teeth, and negative behaviors like mouth breathing. In fact, successful orthopedics can negate the need for orthodontics.

If required, orthodontics may be needed, which utilizes braces and other long-term, semi-permanent oral devices that align your teeth into optimal position. Invisible braces are semi-permanent, meaning that only your dentist can remove them. Successful orthodontic treatment corrects crooked and poorly aligned teeth to create a healthy, beautiful smile.

Contact TS Dental to schedule a complimentary consultation and smile evaluation. We offer personalized gentle care for you and your entire family.