Family Dentistry Richmond Hill, Ontario

We know that you put your family on top of your priority list and at TS Dental so do we. For us the oral health of your entire family comes first and this is why we offer family dental services.

Home methods are sometimes not enough and fail to provide an effective support with oral health. With a little professional advice from our experienced team at TS Dental, you can bring some effective changes to your family’s daily hygiene routine.

At TS Dental Family dentistry is about being preventive and routine checkups and subsequent cleaning if required for the whole family. Our dentists will keep track of your gum health by conducting x-rays of your mouth which help in timely detection of gum diseases and overall teeth health. Apart from this, Family Dentistry Richmond Hill includes hygiene services, dental sealants, tooth extraction, root canal therapy and valuable tips from the dentist to keep your mouth healthy.

You can contact us today and book an appointment at either one of our practice locations in Richmond Hill and help us give your family more reasons to smile.